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Nurse Pro Pack started in August 1989 in Arizona. (The company relocated to Georgia in 2003.)  The company was started by a nurse who became frustrated when constantly losing pens, scissors, and hemostats and having to make frequent trips to the nursing station for materials. From this frustration the original Nurse Pack was developed. No more searching through pockets looking for supplies, only to realize they were back at the station, or worse, at home.

Since the ORIGINAL NURSE PACK, which measured 18" wide, the MED PACK measuring 11.5" wide and the PRO PACK measuring 8.5" wide, were added to meet our customer desire for more compact assemblies with the same great storage capabilities. All of the nursing packs are approximately 8" high. Later the EMT PACK was developed to meet the more demanding needs of emergency medical personnel whose level of activity required a more sophisticated method of securing instruments. The EMT design is similar to a basic PRO PACK with an added flap, with an inside pocket, which will fold upward to cover the packs contents when not being used. It is also the only nurses' pack with a detachable belt, allowing the insertion of the user's personal belt if desired. Lastly, to meet demand for a product to add efficiency and organization to the massage therapy profession, we produced the THERA PACK to hold one or two 8 oz. bottles of lotion or oil.

All of our packs are produced in the United States. This allows us maximum control to provide QUALITY products. Products provided with a One Year Warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

"Great construction, ample pouches for all the tools I need and use on the job." Y.T., Waipahu, HI


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"The Original and still the best Nurse Organizer Pack"

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