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Med Pack 8/25/2017
By: JR    (Utah)
I use it in live theatre. When dressing people I have what I need, needles, thread, scissors, small utility tool. Flash light, safety pins. Its versatile, don't considerate just a nursing pack.
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Med Pack 12/13/2016
By: RN    (Florida)
I bought my medpack about 1 year ago and I absolutely love it! It holds everything that I need on a daily basis: my work phone, pens, highlighter, 2 markers, pen light, flushes, pulse ox, 2 pairs of scissors, alcohol wipes, bandaids, cotton balls and a slim wallet with my ID/credit card. I also purchased an extra tape loop and stethoscope holder, so I literally have everything I need when I enter a patient's room. I can honestly say that I am more efficient due to the convenience of my medpack. I have rec'd many compliments from fellow nurses, PCT's and physicians and have even had patients and their family members inquire as to where I purchased my medpack. I definitely recommend this product for healthcare professionals.
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. 9/28/2016
By: Bon    (Mexico)
No se como comseguirlo podrian ayudarme?
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Best bag 5/26/2016
By: Mi    (CA)
I get so many compliments.
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Medium propack 2/19/2014
By: I love nursing    (O.C., CA)
I purchased one for myself
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Mrd Pac 1/30/2014
By: Kate    (Fort Worth)
Started with the nurse pac 14 years ago. The last 2 have been Med Pack as I carry a lot of stuff Love it and keeps me organized, Every one looks to me for stuff. It also matches my scrubs, good assortment of colors
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Medpack 12/5/2013
By: Dan    (Ohio)
I've been using my medpack after a friend showed me. (was using a fanny-pack before). They're study, washable, and keep me organized. I get all sorts of comments on my "batman tool belt." I can clip the unit cell onto the strap, and have my pockets free, and things don't fall out.
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Med pack 9/28/2013
By: SJ    (saskatchewan)
I have been using my medpack for more than a year and it has been so useful and compact and has helped me to be more organized and saves me time. REceived a lot of comment from other co-workers, doctors and patients of how efficient it is. Sometimes they even say that its like a tool belt only for nurses. I would ordering for more and would recommend it to my co-workers.
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Med Pack 5/9/2013
By: D    (TX)
I've been using my pack for 2 years and it is very useful. It has saved me a lot of time during my shift and allows me to be prepared for anything when I enter a patient's room. I love it! I wish they would make more in neon colors or cute patterns.
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Med Pack 3/27/2013
By: L    (NorCal)
I have used my MedPac for the past 4 years and it has saved me countless minutes and steps during my 12 hour shifts. I am prepared for my day with my Pac.
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