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Med Pack
Med Pack
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Med Pack (Sold empty)
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Approximately 11" wide by 8.0" tall featuring 12 storage slots/pockets, one with Velcro closure for securing money and other small items. Includes one (1) color matched tape loop and attached 46" adjustable belt with snap lock buckle.

This pack is constructed of 600 denier polyester or 1000 denier nylon urethane coated pack cloth for durability and appearance. It may be hand or machine washed with mild detergent and warm water. (Non-chlorine bleach only if required.) Wash alone or with like colors only. It may be line or machine dried, low temperature.   Ironing is not recommended.

Proudly made in the USA.


A storage pouch keeps you stuff secure when you are not using your pack!

Add more tape loops for increased efficiency!

Need a belt larger than 48"?  Add an extension.

Item Reviews

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So Durable
Love this pack! I've used it for about 10 years, I won it. Well made. Has held together under constant use for years. Truly useful design. I keep my sheers where they have the tape. Perfect access for cutting. Med cart keys drop nicely into the pouch.
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Med Pack
I use it in live theatre. When dressing people I have what I need, needles, thread, scissors, small utility tool. Flash light, safety pins. Its versatile, don't considerate just a nursing pack.
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Med Pack
I bought my medpack about 1 year ago and I absolutely love it! It holds everything that I need on a daily basis: my work phone, pens, highlighter, 2 markers, pen light, flushes, pulse ox, 2 pairs of scissors, alcohol wipes, bandaids, cotton balls and a slim wallet with my ID/credit card. I also purchased an extra tape loop and stethoscope holder, so I literally have everything I need when I enter a patient's room. I can honestly say that I am more efficient due to the convenience of my medpack. I have rec'd many compliments from fellow nurses, PCT's and physicians and have even had patients and their family members inquire as to where I purchased my medpack. I definitely recommend this product for healthcare professionals.
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No se como comseguirlo podrian ayudarme?
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Best bag
I get so many compliments.
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Medium propack
I purchased one for myself
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Mrd Pac
Started with the nurse pac 14 years ago. The last 2 have been Med Pack as I carry a lot of stuff Love it and keeps me organized, Every one looks to me for stuff. It also matches my scrubs, good assortment of colors
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I've been using my medpack after a friend showed me. (was using a fanny-pack before). They're study, washable, and keep me organized. I get all sorts of comments on my "batman tool belt." I can clip the unit cell onto the strap, and have my pockets free, and things don't fall out.
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Med pack
I have been using my medpack for more than a year and it has been so useful and compact and has helped me to be more organized and saves me time. REceived a lot of comment from other co-workers, doctors and patients of how efficient it is. Sometimes they even say that its like a tool belt only for nurses. I would ordering for more and would recommend it to my co-workers.
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Med Pack
I've been using my pack for 2 years and it is very useful. It has saved me a lot of time during my shift and allows me to be prepared for anything when I enter a patient's room. I love it! I wish they would make more in neon colors or cute patterns.
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Med Pack
I have used my MedPac for the past 4 years and it has saved me countless minutes and steps during my 12 hour shifts. I am prepared for my day with my Pac.

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