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Pro Pack(Sold empty)
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  Our smallest and most popular pack.  Approximately 8.5" wide by 8.0" tall featuring 9 storage slots/pockets, one with Velcro closure for securing money and other small items. Includes one (1) color matched tape loop and attached 46" adjustable belt with snap lock buckle.
   Constructed of 600 denier urethane coated polyester or 1000 denier urethane coated nylon for durability and appearance.  It may be hand or machine washed with mild detergent and warm water.  (Non-chlorine bleach only if required.)  Wash alone or with like colors only.  It may be line or machine dried, low temperature. 
Proudly made in the U.S.A. 


A storage pouch keeps you stuff secure when you are not using your pack!

Add more tape loops for increased efficiency!

Need a belt larger than 46"?  Add an extension.

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Love it!
I have worn this almost every day of my 12 year career and it STILL is in great shape. The label wore off, but all the sitching is solid and I get comments all the time about "Wow, you have everything, don't you?" Gonna buy one for my beloved co-worker as a gift.
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NurseProPack (Small)
I'm a first time buyer and have wanted a pro pack for a while. I just wanted to say I am so blown away by the quality, customer service, and shipping time! Cannot say enough good things about this brand and company! Will absolutely be purchasing from again and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a well built pack. Color is also true to display. Thanks!
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Love it!
Before purchasing, one of my biggest concerns was if my folding clipboard from Whitecoat would fit in it. I took the risk and ordered and was thrilled that it did, vertically. I got some good-natured teasing from my co-workers, 2 of which now have these packs! One lady got the medium size
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pro pack
My pro pack of 21 years, which I love dearly, was retired today. My new pro pack that i received today, has a sewn-on belt. Being right-handed, it seems to be totally backwards and is awkward to put on and take off. Maybe you can consider right and left-handed belt placements. I am giving it a 4 star, because of the sewn-on belt placement.
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I've had my ProPack for 21 yrs.Love it, but time for a new one, I guess...
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I love my propack
I'm currently in nursing school and I love using my propack for clinicals. Everything I need fits perfectly in it. Got one in purple, but I plan to buy more in different colors.
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Love Love Love!!
I am a nurse in the army and have to wear unisex uniforms that are provided out of a machine each day. The pockets are useless on my scrubs and this nurse pro pack is a life saver! I wear it low on my hip and it is never in the way.
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Pro Pack
I totally adore my nurse pro pak. I saw a nurse with one and knew I had to have it! I got a white one, and I hope to get a pink one next. I do not know how I ever was competent without it!
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Tool Belt
LOVE IT! I no longer have to empty my pockets when I get home or have ink marks on my clothes because I forgot to. This was the best invention EVAAAAAHHHHHH! Fabulous
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Pro Pack
This will be my 4th pro pak. When I'm ready for another color, my friends grab them up, washing them and they are like new again.

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